How do i tell my boyfriend i cheated on him Part I

How do you tell your boyfriend that you cheated on him with another person. That’s one of the most things you shouldn’t do or tell. You did what you did and now you have to own up to it. You need to just tell me straight out. Its harder than lying or not telling him but , he needs to know by you and shouldn’t have to hear it around in the streets. If he hears it from someone else and not you i’m pretty sure he’ll be more upset than you telling him. Just explain why you did and its all up to you. You choose to do what you do. Now its up to you or him if you guys are ending it . I suggest you telling him. Sit him down somewhere in public so he cant make a huge problem . There’s people around and if it goes bad he’ll look like the bad guy , which he isn’t ( that i know of ) . Just try to stay calm and try to keep him calm. I wish you luck and its all up to you !


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