Harvey Weinstein: all of the women who have accused him of sexual harassment so far!

A growing number of actors and

others in the film industry have made accusations against the Hollywood film producer.

Harvey Weinstein’s accusers include household names who were still looking to establish themselves when the alleged offences took place. Below are some of the allegations made public so far.

The Italian actor Asia Argento ,alleges that Weinstein raped her when she was 21. She told The New Yorker she had been invited to what she thought was a party in his Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc room near Cannes, but found herself alone with him. He changed into a bathrobe and asked her to give him a massage. She said she had reluctantly agreed, but that he pulled her skirt up and forcibly performed oral sex on her. She said she felt guilty about what she described a “horrible trauma” and for not fighting him off. She later went on to have consensual sexual relations with him, which she described to the magazine as one-sided and onanistic, because she believed he would ruin her career if she didn’t comply. “After the rape, he won,” she said.

Lucia Evans , was an aspiring actor when Weinstein approached her at the Cirpriani Upstairs club in New York in 2004, she told The New Yorker. He arranged a meeting at the Miramax office, where she found herself alone with him. “He forced me to perform oral sex on him,” she said. “He’s a big guy, he overpowered me.” She told the magazine she blamed herself for not fighting harder and that she was still haunted by it.

Gwyneth Paltrow was 22 and had been hired for the lead in the Jane Austen adaptation Emma. She told the New York Times she had been summoned to Weinstein’s hotel suite, where he suggested she give him a massage. She said she refused and felt petrified. She confided in her then boyfriend Brad Pitt, who confronted Weinstein. Soon after, the producer warned her not to tell anyone else. “I was expected to keep the secret,” she told the newspaper. “I thought he was going to fire me.”

Angelina Jolie, during the release of Playing by Heart in the late 1990s, she found herself in a hotel room with Weinstein, she told the NYT. He made unwanted advances which she rejected. “I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth and as a result chose never to work with him again, and warn others when they did”.

These are only a few of all the women (and men) who are now stepping forward with the sexual harassment allegations, below you will find more names as the list keeps on growing everyday with new victims.

-Terry Crews, Zoe Brock,  Katherine Kendall, Mira Sorvino, Rosanna Arquette, Ambra Battilana Guiterrez, Tomi-Ann Roberts, Ashley Judd, Emma de Caunes, Romola Garai, Dawn Dunning, Rose McGowan, Lauren Sivan , Liza Campbell, Léa Seydoux, Cara Delevingne.

All victims of  Harvey Weinstein and many more are to come to light…


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