Happy Father’s Day (IMVU)

Lon Melanin

Happy Father's Day to you!

Being a father means the absolute world to me. I wouldn't be the person that I am today without my kids giving me a reason to want to do better with my life and for them every single day. Balancing business and my family is never really an issue for me. I know that I have to make some time for them no matter how busy I get because they're willing to understand what all I have going on and still adore every move I make. I'm truly grateful that my kids love me the way they do and accept that I'm creating something great for not only myself but for them as well.



Happy Father's Day to you!

I think being a father is one of the greatest honors and responsibilities a man can have. Fatherhood increased my empathy and patience. I learned to praise more than criticize. It made my forgiveness deeper.  Being a businessman drives me, but being a father fills my soul. I'll always be a father first.



Happy Father's Day to you!

Many of you know me as QyngQuez, but those closest to me know that before anything else I am DAD. My kids are my GREATEST GIFTS, and they mean everything to me. Regardless of how often I see them, or how mad they get when I say no they are embedded in my heart, and my love is unwavering! Sometimes things can get hard, and my days become long, but then one of then will pop up on me, or screams my name in the dm, and just like that I'm reminded why I do what I do. Fathering a child is easy, but I've taken the time to love, instill morals, teach self-respect, wipe tears, kiss bruises, and nurture every last one of mine. I've earned my DAD title, and I wouldn't trade it for anything...


Bijan Lux

Happy Father's Day to you!

Bijan J. Lux Sr, I'm a father of 3 crazy kids, that I call champions, "Prince" Bijan Jr, Amaya Melody, and the baby, Majesty Amaisa Lux, all pisces so they're very creative and so bold/bossy that sometimes I even forget who the parent is. We connect well because I'm childish and playful too and they like the freedom I give them to do what they want, without causing chaos; which is why I remind them: "don't be a savage in public" because not everybody can handle our extreme lit behavior. My genes are so strong that they all have the funny bone, keeping anyone around us laughing all day. 
I like to say that we're a "normal black suburban family" that just so happens to be a little hood and Hollywood some slight. Being a businessman and a dad can be a challenge so I took my kids to work with me one day and they've been following me around ever since. Having them involved helps me to balance work because we get to turn up together but, to close an event I tell the visitors that they're welcome to stay and enjoy the venue, but we're heading out to go home. 

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