Fab and Emily B Together?

Apparently I know I’m not the only person who cancelled Fab after what he did to Emily B. She held him down, had his kids and what he do; tried to beat her butt and her family! Welp obviously she didn’t, Emily B and Fab was spotted at Coachella together over the weekend holding hands and more.  All this comes after a month where Fab was locked up on abuse to Emily B, after the video of him threatening her and her father surfaced, the two were allegedly spotted partying together at Coachella. Now, before you jump to conclusions, know this; them being together doesn’t really mean he DIDN’T abuse her. It doesn’t really mean anything about what allegedly happened between the two, actually.


Me personally, I know Fab outfits for the next upcoming days and weeks are about to be on point I must say.



But I think they’re cute together, I just hope Fab dont throw no more jabs and Emily learns how to duck! But they CUTEEE!!

I just have to say Fab look like a serial womanizer at times and at times he look so foine!!….idk what to believe!!


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