Exclusive w/ LIL Kim (IMVU)

I want to bring light to the legacy of Lil Kim. People often turn a blind eye to what she did for hip-hop and how her music and her as a whole molded hip-hop. Like her squat, it’s an iconic pose, when she was just 16 or 17 she did that, people rioted over that, people actually died fighting over that picture. I tend to keep what I plan on doing a secret, I drop a few hints here and there. Currently working on two songs and videos Wake Me up with Remy and Took Us A Break. I accomplished so much from awards to recognition, to the point Kim and some of her family and friends approved and appreciate. I am working on the label with Puffy, we both got so much in store for yall. I roleplay her and introduce her to a younger audience, there is not one day I don't get DMs of happy fans supporting and riding for me like we do Kim. I want to educate everyone that is confused on her legendary status, I really don't do it for awards, I'm doing this for Kim, I’m paying homage to an icon. I have been doing this for nearly two years, I had times where I took a break and chilled due to my real life issues, but I’m back on my grinding gears with future events in the making and some surprises. I’m trying to pull in some authenticity and unity to the celebrity virtual world.



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