Exclusive Interview w/ Jem

Shining Bright Like A Diamond! JEM

IMVU Elite Music Artist Jem is constantly climbing the charts, making sure her name is in the lights. We recently saw her perform during the iBangerz Noire "Fairytales" Met gala, and she took control of the stage, with amazing dance moves, lights, wardrobe, and you can't forget the VOICE!!! Follow Jem on Instagram @jemroyale

Akleema: would you like some tea?
HolyTrinityJ: Sure
HolyTrinityJ: thank you
Akleema: you're very welcome
Akleema: your avatar is gorgeous
HolyTrinityJ: Thank you so much <3
Akleema: very welcome
Akleema: and how are you doing today
HolyTrinityJ: I'm doing well and you?
Akleema: I'm doing gr8 thanks for asking
Akleema: I do want to say ty for coming and completing this sit with ibangerz we very much so appreciate it
Akleema: let me know where your ready and we will get to the 1st question
Akleema: 🙂
HolyTrinityJ: I'm ready
Akleema: Well HolyTrinityJ
HolyTrinityJ: you can call me Jem
Akleema: the IMVU world would love to know what made you go into the music industry what was your drive?
Akleema: kk ty
HolyTrinityJ: Well i was going to different places to see how is IMVU and what you cause do on here, so I went to a concert and i see the performer performing lights flashing, and effects, and etc so it was cool to see that people can do that on here so i wanted to so it but i have to start from somewhere and i needed to be taught and i meet Kashdoll and she became my mentor to teach me the ups and downs of a Performer and showing me the ways of the IMVU Celeb Life.
Akleema: wow Kashdoll that's amazing another great individual
HolyTrinityJ: yes that's my sis
HolyTrinityJ: She helped me get to where i am today
Akleema: that's impressive
Akleema: Do you feel being a new artist and dong so great, do you feel that there will be competition
HolyTrinityJ: Well..At the time starting off Yes, I really felt like it was going to be competition because 1. I was new to the game and 2. I really felt like people assumed I wasn't going to be a good and successful artist but as you can see I proved them wrong. Now I really feel like its no competition in the Genre that I'm in as a "cover artist" cause I know that people that love my music and I have a REALLY great support system
Akleema: that's the backbone to anyone a really great backbone
HolyTrinityJ: Yes cause in this IMVU people want to fight for a title
HolyTrinityJ: as a Icon Legend Queen etc
akleema: yesss
akleema: Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?
HolyTrinityJ: No I'm not apart of ANY Record Label I'm an Independent Artist
akleema: What has been your biggest challenge as a musician? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
HolyTrinityJ: Ummmm Hmmm... Actually, Finding Love...I won't say
HolyTrinityJ: Cause it hard to Express it in Songs and etc when you cant even find the perfect one for YOU
HolyTrinityJ: and no I haven't overcome it
Akleema: no problem
Akleema: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?
HolyTrinityJ: AudiioMack and Soon I will be releasing my album on my Website
HolyTrinityJ: and the Documentary "The Complete Me" at the end of the summer on my Website
Akleema: I can't wait to see
Akleema: very busy person I see
HolyTrinityJ: LOL YESSS
Akleema: lol
Akleema: For anyone thinking about going into the music industry on IMVU what advice would you be willing to offer?
HolyTrinityJ: Be YOURSELF, Be the person YOU are trying to be and first it's going to be hard but DONT GIVE UP cause you will get where you wish to be if you keep grinding
Akleema: great advice
Akleema: I must say
Akleema: last question: Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?
HolyTrinityJ: hmm. well  I wanna thank all the people that didn't think I was going to make it here to be where I am now, Wanna thank Kashdoll, Alente, Paxton, Jacques, Carmen, Brandy, Destiny for all the help and the support
HolyTrinityJ: it's more and more but thank you
Akleema: awwww I Luv ur support system
Akleema: you're going to go far Jem and I am so glad that you took the time out to sit and talk with me today
HolyTrinityJ: thank you for having me
Interview Correspondent

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