Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford Calls it Quits the inside scoop and more!

Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives LA and Carl crawford of the basketball team the Los Angeles Dodgers (2013-2016) Has called their engagement quits, after four years together the couple was reportedly supposed to get married this year. They were broken up since February 2017 and continued their plot line for the show basketball wives in april 2017.

They called it quits because carl refused to sign the prenuptial agreement for their marriage. He reportedly realized he’d lose half of his earnings to evelyn if they had gotten a divorce, if we look back to what had happened to the men in Evelyn's past they’d either gone broke or has been caught up in Legal issues if we look at Chad ochocinco. Carl has woken up from under evelyn as she is known for being a gold digger and being seen as ratchet on television. Even though they aren’t together anymore He’d still have to pay her child support as they have two (2) children together. Reportedly Carl’s teammates wives has been calling evelyn a gold digger but what’s to say they aren’t with the men they're with because of their money? But anyway.

When Evelyn met carl she had told her friends, she has never found carl crawford attractive in the face. He had just signed to the los angeles dodgers and we know those baseball players make a lot of money and this is what attracted her to him. Beware this is the same female that had a one night stand in vegas and admitted to it and this was right before she started dating chad.

It is to be noted she is refusing to give him back the engagement ring he gave her with a worth of 1.4 million dollars.Evelyn is also talking to Chad Johnson's baby mother for a new storyline for her basketball wives as she has been renewed for season 7.  The release date has not been revealed yet.

Evelyn has been with men from the NFL,NBA and MLB, they all didn’t work. I hope the NHL is ready because gold digger Evelyn Lozada is on her way.

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