Hello viewers,

This edition takes us to the amazing island of Hawaii!

One of our many treasures in the United States. The beautiful scenery, food, volcano, beaches, resorts, shared homes and villas.

Some specific parts of the Island we will be looking at today will be OAHU, the state capital of Hawaii. Very diverse neighborhoods. They have their very own Chinatown as well.

Waikiki is one of their most iconic beaches west of Honolulu if you’ve been checking out Kamikazi Elite Models we just got back from Hawaii for our annual photo shoot. Good vibes, great memories, and the experience all around were just great for us all models and staff included. The nightlife amazing, and looking at the constant beautiful scenery of the moon shimmying off the water at night tiki torches, and new pineapple dishes and drinks. Waking up to the site of Hibiscus flowers an looking out over the water from our villa as we ate brunch.

This is one place that you gotta put on your list to visit or live. The history of the island and the families and communities that try to keep those traditions alive (Torch blowing, Hula Dancing, and much more that’s just to name a few.)

Just know that we are all looking forward to our next trip whether it be business, girls trip, or personal. Some sites that we looked to for Villas and rentals of private homes aside from looking for resorts are Airbnb and Luxury Retreats.

So for our viewers that have been if you have some great suggestions for our viewers that haven’t been let us know what are some great places to go eat and how the nightlife is.

We would love to hear some of your recommendations!!!

Especially our family travelers as well what are some great beaches for children and that are pet-friendly.

Mention some beaches that we didn’t list so we can check them out as well!

See you all next time with Elite Lifestyles of IMVU & SL & RL

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