Our Spotlight today is on our amazing natural beauty, Rasheeda Frost!

This Mother, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Actress, REALITY TV STAR, Model, and Fashionista has so many irons in the fire we didn’t know which one to talk about first.

The multi-talented diva has been in the music industry for than 17+ years with hits such as Bubble Gum, Marry Me, Hit it from the back, and Makin Luv. 

Now scaling the charts in a new way on our home screen as one of the MAJOR REALITY TV STAR on LOVE and HIP HOP ATLANTA that has also pushed her now presence more online for her urban clothing store online, also in real life in ATL at her store called PRESSED ATL.

The savvy play on her Makeup line with colorful bold lip colors in her POIZ line cosmetics.

Rasheeda Frost, style reflects a sense of urban style, with edge, but clearly versatile because she also has a softness that comes across so sophisticated.


We are always looking to see what’s next on this visionaries agenda.

Follow this Queen on Instagram @Rasheedadabosschick


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