Welcome ladies and gentlemen to tonight’s edition of ELITE LIFESTYLES of IMVU & SL.

Tonight’s guest has a hustle that is unmatched by many that I have seen thus far. A good friend of mine said to me you not riding clean if you haven’t experienced the luxury of KINGARIES.

I would like to introduce our viewers to @k.i.n.g_a.r.i.e.s_vu The KING of anything you can hop inside and get around. ( Jets, Speedboats, Luxury Sports Cars, Limos, Copters.) you name it he has made it collaborated on it and more.

A self-made IMVU Celebrity true talent, Digital Artist, all around mogul and a great friend.

For our viewers to know this humble GIANT in the Automotive field is expanding his brand to be more than just that, and with a humble laugh jokes at the thought of himself as a celebrity.

This candid interview he says he really doesn’t see himself in that way.

So let’s begin!!

CASSEL: So for our followers who don’t know you and your supporters that do where can they find you on your social media platform?

KINGARIES: They can find me on Instagram @k.i.n.g_a.r.i.e.s_vu and also @hustlegang.luxury.motorsports

CASSEL: Thanks

CASSEL: I just want to compliment you really quick on your work ethic it really speaks for itself with the catalog that you have provided for IMVU.

CASSEL: From what I understand you will be starting on homes next correct?

KINGARIES: Exactly Cass, I don’t just wanna do homes but I want to expand and really make it on IMVU to where when my name comes up you will see that I have something on every (TAB.) inside of SHOP!

CASSEL: Amazing sounds like a true mogul to me!

CASSEL: So what initially brought you to IMVU in your spare time?

KINGARIES: I actually signed up for IMVU one night just surfing the internet and I had no clue what it was. I signed up and I was hooked lol.

CASSEL: Wow! that’s cool so you’ve basically wanted to tackle every aspect of the shop since you first started huh? I like the fact that you wanted to exceed more than just one column.

KINGARIES: I believe that nothing can stop me if I put my mind to it.

CASSEL: I say in most interviews that our readers and viewers are always looking for the next best thing innovators, people who are job creators more than the mundane, you know actual visionaries in their selective fields.

CASSEL: As a creator on IMVU are you also a member of SECOND LIFE? and if so what are you doing that makes your art stand out above the rest? Why should our views support you and your current clients keep doing business with you in regards to your products?

KINGARIES: I have an account on SECONDLIFE but I haven’t done anything on it yet. The whole thing looks confusing $!@# show (laughs). First I wanna say that I don’t think that my work stands out more per say than anyone else’s. All I know is that I wouldn’t make one single product that I wouldn’t use or wear myself. Just know that every product that I make is making me better and also bring better products to the users of IMVU.

CASSEL: Now as we all know cloth is very important especially when it comes to status. Can you name two IMVU creators other than yourself that you admire wearing their clothes?

KINGARIES: I like @aye.iish #Shopiish and I like @Bottoms.vu #ShopBottomsNXS, Motivation, Primetime, Filmlion, iskert.

KINGARIES: I wear everyone. I have a shopping problem like most people (laughs).

KINGARIES: I have made 1.4million credits in my time creating and most of that money defiantly goes back into the IMVU community. I have no problem supporting my fellow creators.

CASSEL: Amazing, I know a few that you have name thus far. I know that the NXS family does very well in the clothing department not just limiting their style as URBAN but I think their BRAND is versatile.

CASSEL: Aside from yourself do you use anyone for cars or homes on IMVU?

KINGARIES: For homes, I use Karalavon hands down her interiors and exteriors are so realistic. Before I started creating I bought cars from Ferrari and Vangogo They have really turned from my idols to my rivals.

CASSEL: It’s always interesting to see the student become the teacher. (laughs).

CASSEL: If you could go anywhere in the world for a luxury vacation where would you go? (Would you huddle up in a cabin, head to the virgin islands, or would you do a destination such as Rome or Egypt?)

KINGARIES: I’d go to my family’s home in Barbados. Beautiful people, great food, and good sights!

CASSEL: That sounds like a plan! I know that our viewers would love to coast that island.

KINGARIES: Who wouldn’t?!

CASSEL: Well I know you’ve been on everyone’s radar for some time now and some of our viewers would like to know how would you expand on time for your love life with someone as busy as you are is there anyone special?

KINGARIES: I don’t know if I’ll ever truly try dating on IMVU I just think that I’m not built for it. Way too much unloyalty pixel hoping people don’t even know how to be friends on here. Dating for me and finding someone special is goals that are very far far away at the moment. The only person that I’m dating right now is my Grind and my Hustle.

CASSEL: Great answer!

KINGARIES: Thank you! Cass, you make this easy.

CASSEL: You are so welcome!

CASSEL: So for your supporters do you have anything new coming up on the scene for IMVU SHOP or any GRAND OPENINGS?

KINGARIES: Right now at the moment I got Lux Airways almost ready for debut, that should be ready in a few short days. Real life schedule permits that I’ll have it up sooner. I’m also working on my line of COP Cars Then some point in between all those have a Grand opening for my second dealership and get started on making mesh skins. I also bring to the forefront cars where you can adjust the height of your seating while driving. People always ask why I’m in DND and anti social so much. I got goals to accomplish they not gonna accomplish themselves duh (laugh)!

CASSEL: Well you know we are already ahead of you with this wait for new products from your shop like yesterday! (laughs)!

KINGARIES: I got so much @#$% in my head sometimes I don’t know what to do next sometimes. (laughs)!

CASSEL: Well King, we are super excited to take this interview with you tonight and I know that our viewers will be more supportive of your vision.

CASSEL: Thank you so much for your time at iBANGERZ Magazine with ELITE LIFESTYLES!

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