Editor & Chief

It’s Your Girl Aasimah! Shout out to Staff and Models, for continuing to go hard, and elevated your selves as
true creative individuals, and dedicated hard workers! Welcoming iBangerz Elitist (Social Crew) Division Managed
by @lBellzl.vu, this crew is without a doubt something to look out for, follow them at @ibangerzelitist. We have
iBangerz Honor award later this month, so stay posted for that…and welcome our new Affiliates to the iBangerz family
@ghettosuccess.vu. Shout out to The IMVU Awards 2018 for recognizing Me as a Lady of Excellence, also to the
AVI Choice Awards for recognizing The iBangerz Company and Models!!! We appreciate you all. Shout out to our loyal
followers we see you and we appreciate you as well! xoxo -BossLady Aasimah

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