D.a.n.n.i.e (Building her Brand)

xQueenAcexQueenAce So Queen here with the lovely Dannie.
xQueenAceHow are you today?
DannieIm Blessed How Are You
xQueenAceGreat thank you
xQueenAceSo let’s just dive in, tell me about your style. You are so creative and have such an edgy look. What inspires you?
DannieWell… I like to be different
DannieI don’t match my colors head on I look for something that’s gonna make it pop .. stand out… most people never go past page one so they tend to look like everyone else
xQueenAceSo if you could give your style a name, any name, what would it be?
xQueenAceOk! lol
xQueenAceSo I know you have been away from IMVU for a while, and I see you came back and picked back up
xQueenAceWas it difficult to get started creating again?
DannieYea I took some time off to get back into second life but then I started missing imvu so I came back here
xQueenAcewell welcome back 🙂
xQueenAceWhat is your favorite thing to create?
DannieRight now it’s nails… I love it I can do so many designs its endless
xQueenAceWhat is your favorite nail shape?
xQueenAceThis is going to tell a lot about you lol
xQueenAceThat fits your personality lol
xQueenAceSo a lot of people gauge success differently, how do you determine if you are successful?
xQueenAceWhat makes you feel like you have succeeded?
Danniei feel like when people get in your box and ask you where are you .. when are you comming back, hey you doing customs.. tier 6 or not I feel like at that point you have done your job
DannieI Succeeded
xQueenAceWhat points do you have for those trying to start creating?
DannieMake youtube your bestie.. nobody helped me when I started.. i had to goo ut there and look and find .. and back when I started Imvu was new so we didn’t have much .. take your time its no rush to be pro.. it will come
DannieDannie go out*
xQueenAcexQueenAce So tell our viewers a little about the woman behind the avi. What type of person is Dannie
DannieDannie is a strong.. strong woman… her pride is what keeps her balanced
Dannievery independent
Dannieshe goes by the gut
Dannieand she a clown
DannieI mean cut up all day long
xQueenAceI see you’re in love! How’s the new life with your boo treating you?
Dannieyessssssss! I’m happy very happy… I just found out I’m having twin girls.. we are so I’m happy about that
Danniehe treats me right. I think I met my match
DannieI have an older daughter
Dannieand she soo ready to be a big sister
xQueenAceaww perfect
xQueenAceHow’s pregnant life lol. The baby kicking your butt yet?
DannieI’m Good .. some morning sickness here and there but other than that is good
DannieI’m waiting to see what’s next on this adventure
xQueenAceDo you know what you’re having yet?
Dannienot yet I should know next month
xQueenAceI’m hoping for a girl
xQueenAceThat’s just me though
DannieI want boys
Dannieby husband wants girls
Dannienoooo lol
xQueenAceSo is there anything you want to say to the readers in closing?
DannieRemeber Stay Beautiful.. and… Stay True To Your Self
xQueenAceThank you so much for speaking with us
xQueenAceWe look forward to seeing big things from you!

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