Don’t Call It A Come Back!!


Looks like Kelly Rowland is releasing her album, and looks like it’s gonna be a good one. Her label, the newly established, Parkwood Entertainment has been watching from the sideline and now they are ready to get in the ring with the titans in this industry. Parkwood had this message to deliver to the artist looking for a label:

 As label “We show people who join us,  a label can be professional and fun. We can joke and talk about business with each other and be there for each other like a family should. We are growing everyday and practicing everyday to become better performers. Parkwood will be the next top rank record label cause we drop the weak and keep the strong.”


        Sounds  like Parkwood is read to take on all on comers, and with the move they just made. We see that they came to play no games. Destiny’s Child has just signed with  Parkwood for an unreported amount and I cant wait to see how they perform together and succeed in this industry. Destiny’s Child is a powerhouse and they’re music is definitely timeless. Looks like Parkwood is here to stay.

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