Coachella Cardi B

Cardi B has been living her best life and i am soooo happy for herrrrr, right now she has been holding the spot of princess of HIP HOP, with hits bodak Yellow, motorsport and my fave from her album Bickenhead!! Invasion of Privacy.

Cardi B performed this weekend at coachella with sza, kehlani and future fiancee Migos. Cardi B looked amazing this week being almost 9 months pregnant she was on stage moving and grooving and also dipping and at my age i had all my kids already and i can barely make it mid floor.

This time she had on sandals. haha Cardi B story has been nothing short of amazing from stripper to, love and hip hop to now dominating the music industry, with her fiancee by her side at all times. Cardi B is what i aspire to be so i need to get my stripper shoes out and making my story! Migos looksvery happy as he started dancing with his boo and rubbing baby migos in the belly. Cardi B makes pregnancy looks so easy and flawless as she beats the ods that its hard being pregnant being in the music industry shes doing it and doing a great job at it EVERYDAY!

Despite the rumors of Migos cheating Cardi B is sticking with her man, like the saying innocent until proven guilty and i guess in this case migos is innocent… I believe he didn’t cheat LET THAT MAN BE GREAT!!

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