Classic Emerald


"I'm a classic emerald green jaguar that nobody can own...but my husband is allowed to drive." -Tori Amos


So we were sent this beautiful dress by one of our followers, SHOUTOUT TO HER!, because she was thinking about using this as a wedding dress but someone in her bridal crew was skeptical about it not being considered a "traditional" wedding dress, what they really meant was that they thought it was more of a cocktail dress instead of an elegant gown.  -GASP-  You can imagine that the bride did not take this well, which lead us to blog it!

One of the great things about living in a virtual world is that you don't have to worry about the weather based on the time of the year, unless you want to do that sort of thing.  So what it's about to be spring, maybe you love winter and are just DYING to be a winter bride!  I liked this dress, it put me in the mindset of a classic beauty, sure the color is not the bridal white, but it's about what the bride wants and she wants to be dipped in green sparkles!

To the beautiful bride that sent us this gown, I hope this gives you a little inspiration on your bridal look!  And to everyone else, what do you guys think?  Should a bride stay with the stigma of wearing a traditional white/off white/ivory dress or can you dare to be different and choose any color?

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  1. HarleyBaebee

    I love it! Your wedding is supposed to be how you envision it, your ideas, your colors, your dream. I believe any color, theme, or style is acceptable and I mean it is your wedding you should be able to express yourself anyway you see fit.

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