Childish Gambino’s “This is America” goes Viral…

Donald Glover better known as Childish Gambino posted his latest “This is America” song and video on May 5th. The song and video has gone viral in just 4 days and has over 49 Million Views! YouTube has stated his video is breaking all kinds of viewing records. The song touches subjects on the daily struggles in America and the video depicts our everyday lives. From guns, to murder, to police brutality and how we can keep moving everyday not recognizing what’s going on around us. The subjects we as Americans should be concentrated on instead of glam, glitz, partying, and shopping. The real problems we face day in and day out!



I hope this video really opens peoples eyes to go out and vote, let your voices be heard!

We as the people of this Country have the power to change it!

See official video below….


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