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Topix Talk Radio (Pillow Talk With QT!)

Kidnap, Sexual Assault, Torture! Pillow Talk with QT is something I advise all women to listen to! Online dating can be scary, you must be careful and look for warning signs and much more. QT2SEXYBOSSN want to be a voice after this horrible turn of event. Listen below and feel free to leave comments also.

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The Lituation Room

Welcome to the Lituation Room with Bella & DJ Triggy. The Lituation Room discuss interesting topics, with their views/thoughts. Feel free  to leave comments or dm @lbellzl or @topixtalkradio with topics you want to discuss, or if you want to chime in on a topic. 

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Meet the Panel

Topix Talk Radio is a online radio show covering current media/celebrity/fashion news! We interview IMVU Celebrities, and willing to go mainstream in real life interviewing Real celebs and social media personalities. Between Women   THE LITUATION ROOM