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Short Stories

Feels like it’s been months since I’ve been back to my parents’ house I’m almost upset it’s for business. Actually I’m not it will give me a reason to skip the hotels and restaurant food for some damn home cooking. Singing along with my iPod while I seem to pass an infinite amount of trees. […]

Short Stories
Mile High

It was hard for me to keep my eyes off of her. Thumbing through the pages of my magazine ignoring the black words and colorful pictures. Instead I watched her nervously look over her phone trying to get comfortable in her seat. Glazing down at her beautiful legs every now and again her skirt would shift showing off her cinnamon colored skin that glistened in the bare sunlight beaming from the large airport lounge window. The vague sound of people shuffling around the airport as the PA system muffled prerecorded sounds and instructions disrupting my thoughts noticing the flight attendant motioning for us to prepare for boarding.

Short Stories
The Remedy (Erotic Pleasure)

The water trickling down my spine dancing along my flesh felt so relaxing. Cupping my hands around my hair rinsing it thoroughly letting it cascade back down my back stopping at the arch of my back. I don’t know if it was the sound of the water rushing through the shower-head splashing around my feet […]