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Elite Lifestyles
Best of both worlds “Magazine Cover”

When you think of Virtual Reality Elites, you think of people like the two that are gracing this month’s issue of Ibangerz Magazine. Musiq & CornbreadBih. Both very humble individuals that have made a name for themselves in two different Virtual Reality Worlds (Secondlife & IMVU). So we couldn’t help but shine a light on […]

iBZ Exclusives
The Beginning (Smooth Chance at Love)

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: So how long you been on this IMVU platform beautiful? Rvchet: I wanna say about 2 or 3 years IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Loving the skin by the way and the beauty marks.. your eyes not to squinted so ppl can actually see them. IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Smooths a lucky guy IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Got a classy look about you Rvchet: […]

iBZ Exclusives
Lady Peacock (lQwyn) Interview Inside

  EruzNXS: Ms. Qwyn thank you so much for sitting down with me today for this interview, very glad to have you on board IQwyn: Its My pleasure thank you for having me EruzNXS: You’re very welcome 🙂 IQwyn: 🙂 EruzNXS: Upon viewing your Instagram bio, it says that you are Founder of NPU, for those out there that don’t […]

iBZ Exclusives
Exclusive w/ LIL Kim (IMVU)

I want to bring light to the legacy of Lil Kim. People often turn a blind eye to what she did for hip-hop and how her music and her as a whole molded hip-hop. Like her squat, it’s an iconic pose, when she was just 16 or 17 she did that, people rioted over that, […]

Artist Spotlight
iBangerz Magazine Exclusive Interview With Qez!

iBangerz Exclusive Interview With The ”Latin Heat” Qez! Video By: RoseexB3ndit0 @ IMVU Hello Readers! today we have something a little special in store for you.  Ladies….& Gents, please hold on to your seats as we get into this exclusive interview with IMVU’s #1 male dancer…The Latin Heat, MarkQez Aka Qez XXX Male Entertainer & […]

Celebrity News
Harvey Weinstein: all of the women who have accused him of sexual harassment so far!

A growing number of actors and others in the film industry have made accusations against the Hollywood film producer. Harvey Weinstein’s accusers include household names who were still looking to establish themselves when the alleged offences took place. Below are some of the allegations made public so far. The Italian actor Asia Argento ,alleges that […]

iBZ Exclusives
iBANGERZ 3rd Annual Award Show

A Night On the Red Carpet Sunday night was a star student event filled with great performances and overall a great atmosphere. Many artists, business owners, and more were honored for their work here on IMVU. It was a night of recognition and appreciation for their contributions whether it be in music, fashion, or seeing […]

iBZ Exclusives

Partying Like It’s ’99 Nothing could have prepared us for the star studded show we received last night at the Amor Records ‘Back to the 90s’ concert. To say the least it was nothing short of spectacular. Artists from Amor Records paid homage to many of the greatest artists of our times from LL Cool […]