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Editor's Notes
Halloween Is Here!

Hαlloweeɴ ιѕ ғιɴαlly нere oɴe oғ мy ғαvorιтe тιмe oғ тнe yeαr! Soмe people do ɴoт celeвrαтe ιт αт αll, dυe тo тнeιr вelιeғѕ. I wαѕ rαιѕed α Cнrιѕтιαɴ αɴd вelιeve ιɴ ɢod, вυт wнαт ѕoмe oғ υѕ do oɴ тнιѕ dαy ιѕ αll ιɴ ғυɴ. Soмe people love тнe ιdeα oғ dreѕѕιɴɢ υp αɴd […]

Editor's Notes
We Banging Up The Industry

Bang Bang Bang!!!! 🙂 It’s your girl Kazimah Editor and Chief of Ibangerz Magazine! It’s the month of August my BIRTHDAY MONTH, so you know it’s really time to turn up! LEO SEASON! Yea i’m aging backwards hunty. This month iBangerz staff plan to bring you some hot elite content, so bookmark the site, and […]

Editor's Notes
Welcome To iBangerz

iBangerz Viewers we are BAAAAACK!!!! REVAMPED and ready to serve  you the hottest and latest News, Fashion, Models, Music and much much more. We have been on hiatus for a few months, due to life Situation but is back and more ready than ever. iBangerz Magazine the revamp as you can see has it’s own […]