Bold Is Black (SamaraRoyals)

Hello Hellooo iBangerz Family!
We have another exclusive interview with the Owner of Bold Is Black,

Iyonah: So can you tell me a little about yourself

Samara: Yes! I'm Samara I'm 20 years old in real and roleplay 20. Been on SL for 10 years. I enjoy every bit of SL it's now apart of me. Helped raised me. I love how SL mold me to be apart of the video side of SL. I'm a videographer and DJ on Sl as well. I love to figure out fun ways to have fun on there.

Iyonah: Nice! I love to hear about a female Dj that loves to Spin! So you have been on SL for 10 years, that's a pretty long time. What do you enjoy most about it?

Samara: I enjoy playing tunes and seeing the positive side of how music can make the mood.

Iyonah: Sounds great love. So a very curious question, what inspired you to start the page " Bold Is Black"?

Samara: Well, I always wanted to give back to my black community. I do that in RL. So I said why not do the same method in SL. I wanted to lead a positive platform. For the black SL Community.

Iyonah: Do you review each person to actually see their characteristics to be able to say the things you do about them?
Samara: Yes, I review each person by their characteristics.

Iyonah: Very understanding. So my next question for you, if you could name one person to look up to.. who would it be?
Samara: It would be Teyana Taylor because she shows women empowerment.

Iyonah:  Yes I have to strongly agree with that. Nowadays we need more empowerment. It's all chaos... What is your favorite quote?

Samara: Thanks and my favorite quote. Will have to be time is what you make it

Iyonah: That's a very good quote there. So what are your plans on Second life and how do you plan on getting there?

Samara: My plans on SecondLife would be to grow and hold my black page to bring into the world. Have where the black community on Sl can have a positive place to go. I plan on getting there with the help of the Second Life black community.

Iyonah: Sounds like a great plan love, because we need more people out here today to help open other's eyes. Seems like everyone has the blind eye turned on smh. But love that is all the questions I have for you! Thank you so much for letting iBangerz feature you, it means a lot. iBangerz admires the positivity your bringing not only in Virtual reality but in the Real-world. We strongly support you!

To check out more of her creativity, follow her @boldisblack or @samarar0yals

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