Blush Bridesmaids


"She blushed like the moonlight; And once again, my feelings ignite." -Dhawal Barot


With summer coming up, what better time to have a down home, rustic, outdoor wedding?  No matter if you're a country girl at heart or just a rustic fashionista, outdoor weddings can be just as big and amazing as any other wedding venues.

For this set, we are focusing on the wedding party, the oh so important BRIDESMAIDS!  Many people say that the bridesmaids should have dull dresses and blend in with the surroundings, well call me crazy but I want my bridal crew to be just as BEAUTIFUL as I am....after-all you will have to look at those pictures F O R E V E R.  This creator has made a very nice blush pink versatile set of wedding dresses that I think would compliment any rustic wedding.  We used high heels in this shoot but feel free to pull out those cowboy boots if that's you're thing.

Alot of people don't feel like this type of wedding is "formal" enough but who cares?  It's your day so why not have it the way you want it? Live Wild, Live Free and Live Happy!

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