Black Panther Dominates at $700 Million!

King of Wakanda is King at the Box Office!


Black Panther Continues to Dominate the Box Office in it’s second weekend. Bringing in an estimated $108 Million in the US alone!

Disney and Marvel’s smash hit is becoming the fourth film to ever deliver over $100 million in its second weekend joining epic releases like Jurassic World in 2015 being the second fastest film to top $400 million domestically. So far Black Panther is already the fifth highest grossing title domestically since Marvels Captain America Civil War at $408 million and Iron Man 3 at $409 million. Black Panther is now one of the top 30 domestic releases of all time, yes of all time!

Black Panther also continues to surpass international sales which has now brought in an estimated $304 million thanks to its second weekend of $84 million pushing the worldwide total to over $700 million!

Just a reminder this film has yet to open in Japan which will debut next weekend followed by opening in China on March 9th.

No telling how far this movie will go but the signs are clearly there that this is and will be one of the top grossing superhero movies ever!





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