Black Ink Cesar vs. Dutchess


Lets talk about the pettiness of a jealous Ex (Ceaser), the owner of Black Ink is now taking his shop and talents to Charlotte, the same city where his ex dutchess resides. I dont know if you guys remember the very crazy break up of Cesar and Dutches but to sum it all up, Social Media got the best of them.

But there has been a lot of shots being fired on both ends of the break up. Well today it was announced Black Ink will be in Charlotte and Cesar threw a subtle shade to his ex Dutches;

Dutchess’s mother was then informed of the shade that was thrown by Cesar! and was not feeling it, so of course Mama Dutchess had to say something to her ex son in law and let Cesar know that Dutches daddy is looking for him!


Cesear better let charlotte be GREAT, Dutchess dad out here waiting to drag him!


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