Billie Eilish – watch

Eilish is just a kid. Yet, at 16 years old, she is traipsing the world from Australia, Asia, and Europe back to the States on her first, almost entirely sold out solo tour and enjoying the success of her 2017 debut EP, don’t smile at me.

Eilish’s rise to fame, as abrupt as it may have seemed, was a long time coming. Starting as an 8-year-old singing in the Los Angeles Children’s Choir, she followed in the footsteps of her creatively-inclined family — her mother, Maggie, is an actress, screenwriter, and musician, and her brother, Finneas, is a singer, songwriter, and musician. In the latter, Eilish found her perfect collaborator and the song that ended up sparking her career, “Ocean Eyes.” But right now my favorite song on this album is watch, take a look at the video below. Be on the lookout for more of Billie Eilish.

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