BijanLux of Lux Inc

Interview:  BijanLux of Lux Inc.

Along with Chiefs of Staff

MrsMonicaOliver:  Human Resource of Lux Inc.

Suekei; aka Kay: Chief of Staff of Lux Inc.


Good Evening and thank you for interviewing with iBangerz Magazine, we have been very excited to conduct this interview with you, your affiliates and your brand.

I promise this interview will be brief.


Mr. BijanLux CEO of Lux Inc. thank you for meeting with me this evening, would like to start the interview off by asking what inspired you to open Lux Inc.?

Response BijanLux: Good question lol, well being on IMVU I noticed that there wasn’t much for people like me. Who enjoy hip hop but also liked nice places; so I wanted to open, to use my experience and skills to bring to IMVU the things that I liked in a professional and exciting way by combining two extremes; urban and upscale, so it blended nicely and expanded to LUX Inc. We started as a nightclub, a place to party with zero drama, fully staffed and theme nights.


You have several establishments under Lux Inc.; care to elaborate on each venue and what they have to offer our subscribers?

Response BijanLux: We have LUX Travel; which includes our limo, private jet, suite, and a yacht. Visitors can gift our Lux travel driver for a ride and we have flight attendants as well at our jet. Our suite has been booked before for honeymoons and recovery suites with Cradle & Joy which I’ll let Mrs. Oliver touch on soon. Our Yacht is one of our most popular locations. LUX Nightlife includes adult only locations **AP Only** to enter and offers VIP Areas. There we have Lux Lounge, Lux Rooftop, and Le Palace; again fully staffed, events with bartenders, managers to host, servers, DJs etc. Le Palace has our exotic dancers who also travel to booked events as well.


Lounges, Ballrooms, Restaurants, Brewhouse; how do you find the time and energy to be CEO of such an established corporation?

Response BijanLux: Locations are GA Friendly Locations such as Billionaire Ba$ment, Lux Garden Hall, Lux Ballroom, Lux Paradise Park, Lion Showtime Theater, Lux Mansion etc. We’re constantly expanding into new locations and as you mentioned we have Bj’s Restaurant and Brewhouse and I’ll let Mrs. Oliver speak on Cradle & Joy Maternity Clinic which is a newly rebranded Lux Establishment.

MrsMonicaOliver: With Cradle & Joy we wanted a maternity hospital that was more of a realistic feel for the IMVU community. So when Mr. Lux came to me about partnering with him I was glad to do it because he is a great businessman. Mr. & Mrs. Lux had their daughter at the clinic, so we created a private clinic for exclusive patients to enjoy the VIP experience!

BijanLux: Thank you for that Monica and with Lux corporate, it starts with our headquarters where we keep close communication with our supporters; such as our sponsors, partners, brand ambassadors, and clients. We offer Lux services in the private care packages.


Looks like you also host a lot of events at your venues for the community as well as your employees. What makes you want to do this for them?

Response BijanLux: This also connects to your earlier question on finding the energy for it all! This is just a small part of my secret weapon right here, My Team; is everything to me I trust them, I want them to be motivated. I have a very busy real schedule so without all these hard-working folks, Lux wouldn’t be able to stand as firm as it does, so that’s why I try to give back. I’m a big believer in collaboration; we end up spending mad time together. When you’re close to the people you work with, it doesn’t even seem like work for real, and it seems like just being productive with your friends. So if they good, they having fun, that’s all I want, they’re learning, feeling empowered, that’s the plan always.


I see here you are also a designer of many creations in your shop from fashion to jewelry to alcoholic beverages and so much more. What made you start to create such a variety of products?

Response BijanLux: Hmm, well these ladies know that I’m very; very particular about what I like (he laughs out) I know I stress them out about it so I figured out how to first create things for Lux. Such as the security shirt, and the staff pin so that it can be versatile to wear with anything for both men n women. It started with me wanting to make things for Lux. How I wanted it to be; then I love drinking and partying; so it was only right to you know bring those products to IMVU. I wanted a challenge so I created my own men’s fragrance line! Still, a lot of pending things in a shop but right now it’s really just anything that I think about and I try it and boom it turns out dope somehow (he chuckles).


You’ve also received awards for being an exceptional entrepreneur. Please tell us which awards you were honored and how did winning those awards; makes you and your corporations feel about receiving them?

Response BijanLux: Yeah I’m still in shock about all this for real. Lux Lounge won Best Club of IMVU at the iBangerz Awards. I was also honored to receive the I Write Checks Award at iBangerz as well; in addition, honored at the Oscars for Best Man in Business by E-News (he laughs)! I’m blessed and the team shared this joy and excitement with me.


Does your enterprise plan on opening more venues in the future? If so what can we expect from Lux Inc. in 2018? Besides Cradle & Joy Maternity Clinic we heard so much about earlier!

Response BijanLux: We have Brilliant Minds Conference Center coming up next. This is for the intellectuals; it will be used for business consulting, therapy, workshops, conferences and so forth The location has been ready for some months (he chuckles with his staff) just trying to make sure it’s all perfect for the public! Golden Oak Massage Spa is ready too, opening soon; we’re working on a kid’s division and something special for the ladies too (he laughs). Yeah, a whole lot planned we’re excited about, but they all overlap, to be honest with what we already have, so it should be a smooth transition for them to operate independently.


I see; where do you see your visions of Lux Inc. and how far you can go with your brand?

Response BijanLux: That’s a big question, well if I didn’t have Kay to bring me back to earth and dye my grey hair we would probably open a branch on the moon by now! I don’t want to give limits as to what we can and will do. But I really want to make sure what we do is manageable and focuses on our purpose. There are other organizations that do things well already, so it’s in no way of competing or trying to be the best at all. These things; we just want to do what we’re doing well and expand strategically. I want rocket ship though (we all laugh).


Last but not least is there anyone or anything you would like to thank for helping you get where you are today?

Response BijanLux: I’m so grateful for everybody who was involved with Lux, even back at the Lux nightclub days in 2016 to now, anybody who worked with us, attending our events, our partners, sponsors, our followers, the general public, big; big thanks to my family for real! My mom is the new room owner for Lux Lounge, my son owns three of our rooms, and my wife owns three as well. Shout out to Mrs. Lux (he laughs). Yeah too many people to name, but I’m very grateful and like I said it starts here with the chiefs of staff, to our exec, to management, to general staff and beyond.


Thank you so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to meet with us. Your interview will be published in our February 2018 issue of iBangerz Magazine. Looking forward to seeing where Lux Inc. is headed this year!

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