Avengers: Infinity War is Racing to Break Records $1.164 Billion!

Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is running an estimated total of $1,164.1Billion Worldwide through Sunday. It’s become the 5th Superhero movie of all time Globally!! It’s said to have the potential to top the four films ahead of it to become the #1 film in the genre ever since 2012’s The AvengersInfinity War hasn’t even hit China yet until this coming Friday!



Infinity War is overall #15 film EVER Worldwide in its 12 days in theaters!! 




Box Office Results May 4th – 6th, 2018


Avengers: Infinity War      $112,474,000

Overboard                              $14,750,000

A Quiet Place                        $7,600,000

I Feel Pretty                            $4,900,000

Rampage                                 $4,620,000

Tully                                           $3,186,000

Black Panther                      $3,146,000

Truth or Dare                       $1,885,000

Super Troopers                   $1,815,000

Bad Samiritan                       $1,758,000


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