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R.Kelly Admits It All In Song!

R. Kelly has decided to let the world know his views and his faults in a song that is…..19 MINUTES LONG!  And this song is packed with alot of juicy things he admits to doing and admits to having done TO him.   Some of the juicy tea he spilled in his song: I admit […]

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Is Offset Controlling Cardi

Cardi B’s fans are going crazy over the internet and concerned about her recent posts claiming that Offset chooses her friends.  What do you guys think? Is that what she meant or are people taking it WAY too far?      

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Fetty Wap- 2 Eyes!

MTO Reports: Rapper Fetty Wap is best known for songs with CATCHY hooks . . . and for having ONE eye. But the story on how Fetty lost his eye, is continually changing. There are rumors – coming from the streets of Patterson New Jersey – that Fetty lost his eye after he was SHOT […]