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Artist Spotlight
Fergie Double Dutchess

  All Hail the Duchess Fergie! Fergie is back after eleven years and she does not let her fans down. With help from heavy hitters like Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, and Fergie’s son Axl. Her deluxe “visual” album provides a intimate look into her offstage life, motherhood, and yes divorce. The visual aspect is downright […]

Celebrity News
Is it okay to be Friends with your Ex’s ?

Is it okay to be friends with your ex’s ? Of Course is more than okay it actually shows how mature you guys are . I actually became good friends with one of my ex’s and we just didn’t work with each other and decided to move on . If you’re truly over them there […]

Celebrity News
Serena Gomez instagram was hacked!

  Selena Gomez hacked! Selena Gomez got hacked on instagram last night and it was hilarious. Justin beiber got exposed and I must say I am tired of selena and Justin. “Jelena” will never happen again and the person who did this I am very much tired of you hackers. How did they get that […]

Taylor Swift Dragged for sending shots at kanye west!!

Taylor Swift Dragged for sending shots at kanye west!!. We all know taylor swift the most dragged celebrity there is and here she is realizing an album about it. Her is set to release on kanye wests mothers death anniversary. I must say this is all types of horrible and i don’t think this is […]


Hello viewers, This edition takes us to the amazing island of Hawaii! One of our many treasures in the United States. The beautiful scenery, food, volcano, beaches, resorts, shared homes and villas. Some specific parts of the Island we will be looking at today will be OAHU, the state capital of Hawaii. Very diverse neighborhoods. […]

Elite Lifestyles

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to tonight’s edition of ELITE LIFESTYLES of IMVU & SL. Tonight’s guest has a hustle that is unmatched by many that I have seen thus far. A good friend of mine said to me you not riding clean if you haven’t experienced the luxury of KINGARIES. I would like to introduce our […]

Celebrity News
Kim Kardashian Dragged !

Kim Kardashion Dragged for supporting Racist Jeffree Star. Kim kardashion-West Wife of Kanye West (a black man) has uploaded some videos to her snapchat of her getting her makeup done. While doing so, she explains to us that we should “spread postivity” and “Forgive Jeffree Star for his past” and not even an hour later releases and […]