Author: Aasimah Noire

Teach me to be a man. By: Sir Royale

TEACH ME TO BE A MAN Excuse me, Sir… can you teach me how to be a man?  You see my dad left me a while back leaving my mom to play his hand and… I don’t think shes fit for the job not saying that she’s not good at what she does, but there’s […]

Celebrity News
Urban Beats (CEO) Interview

Interviewer: I understand that you have a club and a record company. If you don’t mind explaining to our readers what exactly do you do regarding both of your companies. SoSweetCherry: I am the CEO (Chief executive officer) of club beats and urban beats records. The club was made as a place to chill, listen […]

iBZ Exclusives
Exclusive w/ LIL Kim (IMVU)

I want to bring light to the legacy of Lil Kim. People often turn a blind eye to what she did for hip-hop and how her music and her as a whole molded hip-hop. Like her squat, it’s an iconic pose, when she was just 16 or 17 she did that, people rioted over that, […]

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I’m a sweet and easy going person, I love to help my friends in any way possible. I started creating on my first account about 6 years ago, it was something me and my bestie did together. Along the way, i started making my own textures, which I started selling too. Now I make textures, […]

Artist Spotlight
Gucci Mane – I Get The Bag feat. Migos

Gucci Mane Is keeping his spot on Billboard Top 100, he is hot in the game right now. This new song “I get the bag” featuring Migos is constantly being heavily rotated in the clubs around the world. Gucci Mane was on a worldwide tour recently and maybe still is. Much props for his hard […]

Artist Spotlight
Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B]

  Bruno Mars has done it again with his trending Single release (Finesse) with none other that Cardi B. As they pay homage to 90’s TV Show In Living Color, you can say it’s the Old Skool Saturday Night live, Much respect for that. Bruno Mars is definitely  “drippin in finesse” with those dance moves […]