Author: Kia Manning

Elite Lifestyles
D.a.n.n.i.e (Building her Brand)

xQueenAcexQueenAce : So Queen here with the lovely Dannie. xQueenAce: How are you today? Dannie: Im Blessed How Are You xQueenAce: Great thank you xQueenAce: So let’s just dive in, tell me about your style. You are so creative and have such an edgy look. What inspires you? Dannie: Well… I like to be different Dannie: I don’t match my colors head on […]

Elite Lifestyles
Elite Model Talen

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI Well alright ladies and gents! We truly have a treat for you! IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI We here at iBangerz would like to thank you for tuning in with us! IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI please Welcome TALEN! IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI This Amazing Creator Talen blushes crimson IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI Hi Talen my name is CasselGoorin! So glad to finally have you here. Talen: Yes of course 🙂 IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI I see that […]

Editor's Notes
Editor & Chief

It’s Your Girl Aasimah! Shout out to Staff and Models, for continuing to go hard, and elevated your selves as true creative individuals, and dedicated hard workers! Welcoming iBangerz Elitist (Social Crew) Division Managed by, this crew is without a doubt something to look out for, follow them at @ibangerzelitist. We have iBangerz Honor […]