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MrRedX (What’s on his agenda)

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI Welcome Welcome Welcome! Alrighty, iBangerz supporters! IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: We are here this evening and Mannnnn do I have a TREAT FOR YOU! We have one of IMVU’s Number#1 Innovators, Visionaries, Mentors, A husband, A father, Great friend, Someone who Inspires elevated thinking, and leading in lifestyle, decorated AWARD WINNING for MR. INDUSTRY! IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: iBangerz welcomes MrRedx!   […]

iBZ Exclusives
The Beginning (Smooth Chance at Love)

IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: So how long you been on this IMVU platform beautiful? Rvchet: I wanna say about 2 or 3 years IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Loving the skin by the way and the beauty marks.. your eyes not to squinted so ppl can actually see them. IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Smooths a lucky guy IICASSELGOORINx1LUVI: Got a classy look about you Rvchet: […]

Editor's Notes
Editor & Chief

Greeting Viewers, it’s your girl Aasimah! I have to shout out my Staff and Models, It’s nothing like having a team of dedicated, caring and fun people to work alongside you. iBangerz Regulators your the BEST!!!! For July we have MrRedX on the cover representing TWC 5 year anniversary, make sure you read his exclusive […]

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iBangerz 2018 Honor Awards

iBangerz Magzine is currently working on the award show for upcoming date of September 30th. Nominees and Honorees will be announced soon. If you are interested in being a performer or presenter please Contact email Aasimah @, Stay tuned more info coming up!!! iBangerz 4th Annual Award Show Coming soon!

Celebrity News
XXXTentacion pronounced dead.

The Broward County sheriff’s department has confirmed that XXXTentacion has been pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital. The Gun violence has been very extreme these past few months, and it’s sad that we have to keep losing family and friends by the hands of heartless people in this world. We are waiting for […]

Celebrity News
T.I Cheating AGAIN! (Video)

How much can a woman take? This is something women ask themselves when dealing with a man that says he loves her yet is constantly cheating on her. T. I Harris has again been caught cheating on Tameka “Tiny” Harris and it’s so sad. In the video, you will see T.I sitting on a couch […]

Celebrity News
Beyonce & Jay-Z Dropped Album!

  The nine-track collaborative album ‘Everything Is Love’ comes during the couple’s joint stadium tour. The carters broke the internet once again leaving her fans in a complete surprise. The song APES**T is already being played everywhere, and I can dig it. Watch below and tell us what you think.