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Topix Talk Radio (Pillow Talk With QT!)

Kidnap, Sexual Assault, Torture! Pillow Talk with QT is something I advise all women to listen to! Online dating can be scary, you must be careful and look for warning signs and much more. QT2SEXYBOSSN want to be a voice after this horrible turn of event. Listen below and feel free to leave comments also.

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My name is H.E.R it stands for having everything revealed. I started making music back in 2016 my first album titled vol1 is me pouring out my feelings, it’s not just songs it’s how I feel. I’ve been told I communicate thru my music, and that’s my goal, to give something my gans can relate to.It’s […]

Power in my hands (Aunt Sarah)

You see these here hands? Yes sir, these my magic hands. Strong enough to protect my babies and soft enough to rock them to sleep. Yes sir, there’s power in these ol’ hands. I can make a new dress out of old rags and food to feed even dem otha folk. And one day these hands are gonna be in days own kitchen. With a line from here […]

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Lady Peacock (lQwyn) Interview Inside

  EruzNXS: Ms. Qwyn thank you so much for sitting down with me today for this interview, very glad to have you on board IQwyn: Its My pleasure thank you for having me EruzNXS: You’re very welcome 🙂 IQwyn: 🙂 EruzNXS: Upon viewing your Instagram bio, it says that you are Founder of NPU, for those out there that don’t […]

Artist Spotlight
Drake – God’s Plan (feat Trippie Redd)

Drake new song God’s Plan is currently number one on billboard hot 100, let’s see how long it can stay at the top. The video below is very comical and interesting, with Supermodel Tyra Banks adding a little favor with her amazing acting skills. Tell us what you think about that video in comments below.