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Qfficial Inc

Make sure you check out Qfficial youtube page and check out his latest video Here’s the IMVU version of the song Nunya By August Alsina below.

Shop Dannie

Shop Dannie Nails!!! She is the VIRTUAL nail Queen! If you want your name looking bomb like some of our Famous celebrities like Cardi B, Khloe Kardashian or Blac Chyna, Dannie is the person to shop!!!!! Check out her shop below and go crazy, like I do, lol!!!!

IBZ Award Show 2019

iBangerz Winter Wonderland 2019 Award Show Coming this December! Nomination Coming soon, we are looking for the best of every kind this year!!! You don’t want to miss this, so subscribe to our page! 

Shop Musiq

Outgoing – How did you become a creator?   Musiq – When i first came to IMVU I was passionate about creating rooms. All of my family and friends would tell me I would be a great creator. So I got ambitious one day and tried it. I closed my lap top within 2 minutes […]

Elite Lifestyles
Best of both worlds “Magazine Cover”

When you think of Virtual Reality Elites, you think of people like the two that are gracing this month’s issue of Ibangerz Magazine. Musiq & CornbreadBih. Both very humble individuals that have made a name for themselves in two different Virtual Reality Worlds (Secondlife & IMVU). So we couldn’t help but shine a light on […]

What's Cooking {The Food Critic's}
Twisted Turban Resturant

Mac Loving Burger…Beef Burger, topped with Muenster Cheese, Beef Bacon, Mac & Cheese, with Turban Sauce. Shrimp Nachos. Shrimp Quesadilla Red Velvet Fried Oreo with Ice cream and whip cream.                                                   […]

Super Fucked Up (By Aasimah)

6/26/19 10:18pm I’m not your Superwoman. I’m not your Wonder woman. I know this brave exterior has a  lot of you fooled. Yea….just because i don’t wear my feelings on my sleeve or just because i don’t stay upset long. I make it look easy. Yea I might make you think i’m your Superwoman or […]

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Messy TV (IMVU)

If you have not heard about Messy TV where have you been. If you want to hear the latest news or gossip about anything within the IMVU Community…this is the Instagram page to visit. It will have you laughing, grasping, or in total shock. OH they will #spillthebeans On mamas!!!