Ask Aliyah

New Year…But Is It Really A New You?

Everyone LOVES when the holidays come around. Presents, snow, decorations, you name it. But when the new year comes around? Oh boy, that’s a different story. They might as well name it “Cut Off Season”. The infamous holiday of ending relationships with people, and the follow up statement of “New year, new me.” But lets take a minute to be honest here…does every person who says this statement ACTUALLY change?? NOPE! Don’t be the % of people who bring old habits and bad vibes into a new beginning. But, also don’t be the person who waits till 12am to text Susie and tell her the friendship isn’t working out anymore. Be upfront with people the MOMENT you notice they don’t help you progress as a person anymore. Start this year with a clear and easy mind. Cut off all side pieces (no matter how fine they are). Tell Becky with the good hair to kick rocks, and make sure hairlines are straight, edges are laid, and bills are paid!

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