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Not right to you?..or Not right for you?

As a person who’s been down this road before i can guarantee you , knowing the difference is NOT EASY. People usually get into relationships when they feel that they are

  1. Ready for a relationship
  2. Hate being single
  3. Want to stay fully connected to that person with all the benefits (even if they don’t plan on being faithful)

But, have you noticed the little things that you ask for that you don’t get? Communication…Attention..a simple TEXT BACK? Yea, those things 100% make you question whether your relationship is going to last or not. But a key word of advice, Never decide to lower your standards because you feel as if what you want isn’t going to happen. And by lower standards i mean the ones who go “okay fine, he/she wanna be like that? ill do it too” or “do you because i’m gonna do me” or my favorite one, “I is what it is, i’m not gonna force you to do anything” but meanwhile y’all argue about the same thing the next day. As humans, we spend so much time on people that dont spend time on us. There’s a big difference between that person not being right FOR you, and not being right TO you. Just think about it. How many times have you complained about the lack of fun or excitement in your relationship. You feel like its just plain boring. Maybe you can take the thought that they dont love you, and dont wanna spend time with you, or that they are possibly cheating on you..and put it in a box and ship it to some foreign country. Maybe the ACTUAL answer is that yall have two definitions of excitement and fun? Maybe they are more laid back…to themselves..conserved. They choose when and where to be outgoing and you hate that they act a fool around their friends, but when you wanna go bungee jumping, their no longer interested in fun. “lets be spontaneous” “lets have fun” all common statements you make, but the reality is that they do have fun…just not YOUR kind of fun, so suck up the emotions and throw away the tissues from crying over a possibility that your being deceived. And think..maybe y’all don’t have the equipment necessary to travel down that bumpy road. Every Closed door opens up to a new beginning.

Question: If you were to come home and catch your significant other cheating…what would you do?

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