Artist SxYRiMi

Outgoing- How did you get your name?

SxYRiMi- Its my RL motorcycle club name it was chosen for me by my club president
also have photo on IG♥ of vest. 

Outgoing-  how long have you been on imvu and what made you started playing imvu?

SxYRiMi- Almost 3yrs, and actually I stumbled on it looking for sims.

Outgoing- How long have you been an artist on imvu?


Outgoing- What record label are you with?

SxYRiMi-LabMachines CEO @MrsNoirage

Outgoing- I see you also was in Love and Hip Hop. How was that?

SxYRiMi- I was chosen to b a cast member, but the team and staff were not prepared. : and things didn't go as planned, but I did get to perform on Aries Talk show w/love and hip hop cast. And we were interviewed as well

Outgoing- How many videos have you made since being an artist?

SxYRiMi- 10 or more including collaborations. 

Outgoing- Who is your biggest supporter on here with everything you do?

SxYRiMi- My sis Noire and Manager she holds a bitch down through all my shit and we been strong for almost 3yrs♥.

Outgoing- If you could tell yourself just starting out on imvu before you got here, what would it be?

SxYRiMi- Not famous lol. I would have neva guessed and nominated all yrs for awards I would have thought just a regular member w/ people knowing somewhat bout me

Outgoing-  Do you have any mistakes on here?(like anything you could take back)

SxYRiMi- You know I have no regrets about anything, im loyal, rich and too busy too b upset. I always keep it delicious at all times. 

Outgoing- Where did you get your style from?
SxYRiMi- I was always know for fashion,even in real life. I was voted best dress in my high school and it was know as a fashion school lol I have always like to stand out and lead in all I do. Fashion is one I don't think I have warn the same fit since i have been a member ♥ I'm always different including jewelry I use the same jeweler at all times.

Outgoing- Thank you for the time and allowing iBangerz Magazine to interview you.

SxYRiMi- Yw

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