Artist NickiMinaj

Outgoing- How did you started playing imvu?
NickiMinaj- Well from the real nicki i been inspired from her when no one didnt actually know her for awhile i was the first one to actually roleplay her on imvu. I've been mostly a big fan of her since myspace.

Outgoing- Who is all behind your edits (who edits your pictures for you)?
NickiMinaj- Well I edit a few of my pictures but not all I go to a few people like stellar,Ohtour, EmmaDesign and ofc my baby Fxreignlee.

Outgoing- Who has been your biggest supporter?

NickiMinaj- Well that's a hard question because at the point I don't have much support from much ppl since ppl love picking on me for no reason at all because another Nicki came um... well all I can actually say is my label DDL they been promoting my songs and also my fan pages
they the only ppl really that promote my stuff heavy. 

Outgoing- How many tours have you had on here?

NickiMinaj- Well at least a good 6 I just finished Queen tour I'm working on a new one now. 

Outgoing- What are your future goals for Nicki on here?

NickiMinaj- Bring better quality and get noticed from Nicki more, well I've been noticed like 130x from the real life Nicki already but it wont hurt to get noticed more my biggest goal is to get reposted again from her and followed.

Outgoing- I see you create. How is that coming along?

NickiMinaj- Great I'm a pro creator I'm working on a Collection with a big creator right now , cant say names.

Outgoing- Who do you shop the most on here for your fits?
NickiMinaj- Yalla, I shop the hell out of her shop lol or fama. Plus I had collaborated with her in the pass for my queen tour merch. 

Outgoing- If there is anything you can tell your haters , What would it be?

NickiMinaj- oooo chileee lol I have a lot to say but I rather not because half of them broke ppl already attacking me pulls out mirror and giggles.

Outgoing- Who are you married too and for how long?

NickiMinaj- I'm Married. Privately we didn't start everything yet but he proposed last month, me and him knew each other for years finally gave him a chance and he asked me. But at the moment we don't have everything set since we did it private but we are working on it.

Outgoing-  What is your fav Nicki quote and why?

NickiMinaj-"Tell em to go head and gossip as long as your house is the size of my closet".

Outgoing- Thank you so much for allowing iBangerz Magazine to interview you. 

NickiMinaj- You are so welcome

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