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Ask Koltun
How do i tell my boyfriend i cheated on him Part I

How do you tell your boyfriend that you cheated on him with another person. That’s one of the most things you shouldn’t do or tell. You did what you did and now you have to own up to it. You need to just tell me straight out. Its harder than lying or not telling him […]

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iBangerz Magazine Exclusive Interview With Qez!

iBangerz Exclusive Interview With The ”Latin Heat” Qez! Video By: RoseexB3ndit0 @ IMVU Hello Readers! today we have something a little special in store for you.  Ladies….& Gents, please hold on to your seats as we get into this exclusive interview with IMVU’s #1 male dancer…The Latin Heat, MarkQez Aka Qez XXX Male Entertainer & […]

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Elite Lifestyles


Hello viewers, This edition takes us to the amazing island of Hawaii! One of our many treasures in the United States. The beautiful scenery, food, volcano, beaches, resorts, shared homes and villas. Some specific parts of the Island we will be looking at today will be OAHU, the state capital of Hawaii. Very diverse neighborhoods. […]

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